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Big Brother IS watching...


So it seems orwell is right..  Now more than ever, with the technology so readily available to us, just imagine what the goverment has.  The ability to tell if a coin is head or tales up on the ground from space, all kinds of stuff. The patriot Act.  How long will it be before there are camera's on every street corner, cameras / mics in your house / apt / whatever.  How long before WE have to check in / abide by a curfew? here is a link that is just a small taste of whats to come. The ability to triangulate some ones posistion via their cell phone number! WTF  all u have to do is enter the phone number (no dashes ed 5551234567) and it will biring up satellite imagry accurate up to 1 block of the present location!   Things are definately about to get interesting....





UsedCarMan Uploaded 09/06/2009
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