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To the new guy.


                        It appears that a young gentleman who goes by the screen name of pkillmike, is attempting to use his creativity to be a douchebag in the blog section. It is quite obvious that he is quite young, but I am inspired that he tends to use his childish creativity to make poems such as your mum likes it in the bum.

           You know, he reminds me of myself as a young boy, I was caught up in the tornado we call life. Whirl winds kept knocking me down but I used my creativity to pick myself up. Though I was not spamming the blog section when I was young, I was still a douchebag. 

         Im sorry but I will kindly have to ask you to leave pkillmike, Being a spamming douchebag in the blog section is my job and I will not be giving it up to an amateur. Please come back in several years and maybe I will give you a chance, but in the mean time please get a face.




volcomelement34 Uploaded 09/08/2009
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