Wanna Feel Me Up Mom?

I needed some gas the other day. My father's truck has been out of transmission for a few months, so my car has been shared. With a lousy paycheck and a demanding girlfriend at the time, I had no money. So, I figured my parents might help me out on gas. I decided I would ask my mom.



1 hey mom can you fill me up?

2. you want me to feel you up?

1 ya. i did it the last few times. thought youd like to help

2 no. i wont

1 why not? yall drive it sometimes


1 just gimme your card so i can get some gas. please

2 oh your car... no.

1 um whatever

2 _____, don't ever come into my room and ask me to feel you up.


it took me the drive to the gas station to understand. i busted out laughing, then it quicly became a "GROSS"!

Hmm, so. I guess it was a pretty bad idea to ask my mom for money for gas. I don't know if it was her clever ploy to try to get outta gas, or if she really thought i was asking her to feel me up. If it was a clever ploy, then props to my mom.

Dang, this 256 character minimum wasn't what I was expecting when I decided to write a blog. Then again, after thinking about it. It said characters and I was using Word to count my words. Hmm. Fail on my part. Lol


Uploaded 09/08/2009
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