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Its a chilly morning as I wake up, only to find that you have stolen all the covers in the night.  I roll across the cold stiff sheets and snuggle into your back, taking in all your warmth and enclosing the pair of us in a loose cocoon of covers with desperate hopes of a few more minutes of slumber.  You arch your back a little and push your naked bum into me as you start to stir from my early morning interruption from your slumber.  As soon as that perfectly sculpted ass pushes into my cock I know this is going to be fun.

My hand makes its way along your hip, caressing your silky smooth skin.  I can feel the goosebumps raise all over your body as my icy cold fingers trace along your skin and begin to massage your belly and side.  You push your bum a little harder into my ever growing cock, seeming to try and grab it with your cheeks.  As my hand starts to warm up I glide it up your stomach and towards your warm firm tits.  I can feel your hard nipples under my fingers and I grasp your whole breast in my hand and squeeze - your nipple pushing into my palm causing a little moisture to fill the void as my heart starts to race and I start to heat up.

I begin to rock my cock a little in the grasps of your cheek as you start to push much harder and grind into me.  As you turn your head back to look at me, your hair brushes past my face and the scent of your perfume fills my nose - transporting me to my dreams and fantasies of exploits of times past.

Lightly I kiss your cheek as it passes by my lips before getting to your mouth.  We lock in a magnetic trance tasting each others lips and tongues, passion and electricity flowing between us.  God - it feels nice first thing in the morning.  My hard on almost aching for attention, my hands groping at your body - feeling your curves and soothing your goosebumps.  You are grinding your ass with a purpose, pushing and pulling at my engorged member making me grow to epicness.  I break our embrace to sit up as I slide my hand down your chest and over your stomach.  I reach your now burning hot crotch, I am delighted to feel how warm and wet you are.  My fingers part your lips and I glide my finger along your length, your leg starts to quiver in reaction to my touch.  I push my finger down on your love button making to squirm and moan.

Your body looks like it is glowing as I take you all in, your perfectly shaped boobs - your round belly button - your wet lips and glazed over eyes.  We lock gaze as I push my fingers inside of you and you cant help but look away as you call out in ecstasy.  I play your puss like an expert gamer, pushing all the right buttons and leveling up at every chance.  You get wetter and wetter as I rub into that squishy bit you call your GOD-SPOT, your juices starting to form a wet spot on the bed.

My mouth is salivating as I watch you quiver and squirm under my touches.  I bend down and kiss your neck under your ear, my hand still working your honey pot - the smell of sex starting to fill the room.  I nibble at your neck and start to kiss down your chest.  Pausing at your shoulder as I trace your collar bone with a stiff tongue.  I get to your breasts and take your rock hard nipple in my mouth flicking it around with my tongue.

You begin to pant as I feel your box clamping down on my fingers as you orgasm, forcing my fingers out of you only to be quickly pushed back in making you climax again.  You yelp as I nip down on your nipple before kissing down your stomach.  I am drooling with anticipation of tasting that sweet honey pot!  I feel the goosebumps raise on you again as I kiss at your midriff.

Without warning I firmly place my lips smack dab on your love button, squishing it between my lips and pushing my tongue down onto you.  Again you arch your pack and I push right back against your hips.  I only stay for a second before I move a little lower sucking and biting at your lips and sopping up all your juices like a hungry dog.  You taste so sweet as you flow into my mouth.

Your hands grab the hair on the sides of my head as you try and pull me into you, your fingers gripping the hair so tight it feels like it might rip out.  I feel you reposition yourself under me, your hard nipples now pushing into my chest.  You take your hands and grab my rod, so hard now you can't even close your hands all the way around it.  Pointing the head towards your mouth you try and swallow the head only to be rebuffed as the size makes you gag a little.  Instead you swirl your tongue around me, running up and down the length while you stroke away going faster and faster as I lick your snatch faster and faster.

You shake as sweat rolls off my stomach and drips onto yours.  Your puss is so wet now, it is soaking my face.  I can feel you clench down again on my tongue as you orgasm hard and wet, bursting with fluid all over the place.  I take this as a cue to jump off and tease you with my rod.  I grab myself and push onto your clit and rub all over your puss.  You look at me and beg me to be in you, legs parted glistening in the early morning light.

I knowingly ignore you, continuing to tease you and just give your love box hints of whats to cum.  I push into you just a little, soaking the head of my junk - feeling you open up to allow me access but I pull away and you whimper.  I do this over and over going a little further in each time.

You start to grab the sheets and try and pull yourself down, trying to force me all the way in you.  I finally plunge into you full stop and then quickly pull back out of your hot soaked hole and drop down and begin to eat you again.  You cum instantly, just as you are in the convulses I plunge back into you starting a steady rhythm.

I watch you, amazed at how you body reacts - your boobs swaying like waves on an ocean, sweat beading at your brow.  You move your hand across your belly and start to play with your clit as I thrust away, so fucking hot to watch I can't take my eyes away.  Watching you play and seeing myself pumping in and out is actually turning me on more and I can feel myself growing inside of you.  Sliding in and out with ease, my rod and your fingers glistening and dripping with sex.  You start to grope at your breasts with your other hand.

I can't take it anymore and I bend forward and kiss you, I pull away as you try and bite my tongue as you cum again.  Damn this mattress might have to go if you keep this up.  You lean up and bite down on my bottom lip and I can taste a tiny bit of blood as I lick my lip.  I start to speed up, ramming into you with force.  The sound of slapping balls on your ass and sex squishing out between our bodies.

I can feel my orgasm building inside of me, I don't want to stop - I want to explode.  You can tell I am close and you grab my hips keeping me inside of you deep and full strokes as you work me like a tool.  Our kissing is getting violent as we nip at each other, tasting each others mouths, almost eating one another.  I can feel you clamping down again as you get close to orgasm and it is almost hard to thrust but that is all I need as I explode into you.  You moan as I arch my back to try and be in you further then ever, filling you as you cum again.  You fluid and mine squishing out around my rod.

Again like so many times in that past we collapse into each others arms and drift back into sleep - completely spent and exhausted.  Before you doze off you lean over and kiss my shoulder whispering "I missed a spot" then you close your eyes and drift away.

BEEEPBEEEEEPPPBBEEEEPP  I roll over and slap the damn clock, knoking over my morning coke.  My hand stinging, I rub my eyes to help wake up a bit, I sigh as I realize I just left the amazing world of my mind in dreams.

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