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hey guys i was wondering if y'all could help me. yeah, i know, asking ebaums users for help is like asking a parapalegic to run a 3 legged race with you, but i am drawing a blank here and figured you guys could AT LEAST get my gears moving.

i have a paper i have to write for my writing class. it is our final and is due on saturday at noon. double spaced, APA format, college level writing (like you guys give a fuck). it has to be an informative essay with a minimum of 3 pages and references.

i just cant think of anything interesting to write about. scrach that. i cant think of anything interesting to write about that is APPROPRIATE for the class. so i was wondering if y'all could throw some suggestions at me in the comments.


i fully expect the full level of jackassory that is ever prevalent when someone asks a serious question, but with so many teachers here i figured i would navigate the minefield of asshole responses for a possible gem.


oh, and, rockface..................I SHOULDA BEEN FIRST!

AWFULJACKASS Uploaded 09/16/2009
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