Old but never dead eRep Points Disscussion

Just to state in the beginning I'm not here to just get some eRep points or bitch about not getting prizes or whine about needing more. I was just bored and searched for erep points and was reading the blogs concerning this subject and well....omfg!. Is points and prizes all people care about? The eRep points system is a nice feature and a nice way to reward users of the site and of course continually returning users. Before the eRep Points system the people who where users came for multiple reasons but obviously points wasn't one of them. They came for uploading funny pictures videos and shit like that, and looking at great content on the web. My point is the eRep points is a good feature and brings more users but it also brings a bunch of fuck-heads who only came to upload shit content, jack off to midget porn, and obsess over points like a fat kid at McDonalds. Thanks for letting me rant I just needed to let out some stress.

Uploaded 09/20/2009
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