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Commercial submissions


So I'm scouting around the pages today and I see multiple submissions from various commercial entities, what the hell? it seems to me that a major corporation utilizing an entertainment and social site to (basically) submit commercials is a shitty and cheap thing to do. I would like to inform all of the submitters that are using this forum to push their commercial agendas (as opposed to the warped, unusual, funny or sick agendas) of the rest of us, that I will no longer avail myself (when possible) of their services.

I mean, come on, these corporations have multi million dollar budgets, massive advertising departments, and almost unlimited exposure, can't they leave us alone? Is that asking too much?

I would like to invite all of the good people out there in eBaum world too join me in this endeavor and take back this stupid, irreverent, inane and classic site for the purpose it was originally intended. No views on these sneak ads = no more pansy ass shenanigans

Thanks for listening

Majorfathead Uploaded 09/23/2009
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