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Glee Club


Is it wrong that I like this show? It seems like a pretty good show. I think it's kind of funny. Well, parts are funny. Like, the queer dancing to single ladies, and then he got the football team to do it to win the game. That was pretty funny.

Now, real quick question. Do you think the actors are the actual singers? I can't really tell. Of course, I'm not musically inclined. So I can't tell some singers from others..

Dang i'm bored. Im hungry. Too bad I have no money. Oh well. 

Im thinking I should upload stuff. Should I upload jokes? Movies? Dirty Movies? Pics? Dirty pics? Idk.. What you think?

OH! That guy IliketosayPee annoys me. His jokes are annoying. The joke section was good without him. Now he's back. Crap


KPness Uploaded 09/24/2009
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