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A hate blog just for you wallboy


I just recently read wallboy's hate blog about hate blogs. 


wallboy... I know you're reading this.. because that's what you do.  You're life seems to be here on ebaums... even though nobody here likes you.


What are you trying to achieve here really?  Trying to save up enough erep points for your midlife crisis man toy or something?  There's a nice dirtbike there by the way, or maybe you're into cruises like all old people spending their pensions.


If you hate young people so much, why do you spend so much time here on a site that draws in an adolescent crowd?  Does it make you feel better when you flame teens behind your computer monitor?  Maybe you should dust off that old walker of yours and take in some fresh air... just a suggestion.


I'm sure that you would be a very respectable person, with all of your achievements in life... (2 boys, teaching career, veteran status... ego ego blah blah) if you weren't always bragging about it..

Tyaeda Uploaded 10/01/2009
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