Stupid Bitch

  Dumb twat.  Britney Spears is so fucking stupid.  All she's good for is that loose cum dump between her legs.  She needs to shut her cock holster and stop singing.  The worst part is that some little girls look to her as a role model.  If you want to be white trash from Louisianna, then move down there. 

  Speaking of Louisianna.  Fuck those bitches that fucking complain about Katrina.  How many fucking times did the news say that a hurricane was coming?  Plus their governer was a total douche!  That dumb whore didn't call out the national guard to help out.  Then all of those animals fucking shot at the Army when they showed up.  Yet there are dumb fuckers that blame Presidnet Bush for not sending out the national guard.  It's a state run deal dipshit!

I guess that I could just end here by saying one thing.  Fuck Lousianna.  That place is a shit hole.  Katrina was like flushing a toliet full of shit.  Some turds are gone, but the stains are still there.

Uploaded 10/14/2009
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Tags: britney spears


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