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Why I'm better than all of you Part MCMXCIX


So today I got pulled over in my Dodge RAAAAAm and some st00pid cop (an obvious Republitard since he disagreed with me) gave me a ticket for driving without a seatbelt at fifty over the speedlimit in a schoolzone next to the school I teach boys to playskinflute at. I mean, how ticky-tAAAAck can you Beeee?


So that was about the time I peed in my stockings and it reminded me how I haven't offered to lick the piss out of any women's underwear lately on eBaums and so here goes: an offer to lick the underwear of any male on eBaums who would like it except Tyaeda becaaaause she doesn't like me and that means I'm GAaayyy so I figure O BAAAAma doesn't like her anyway, she's so BAAAAd.


You not what I hat about you poppie heads? your'e punctuashun and spellytng is BAAAAAAAAAd and you resort to poop jokes all the time and you doodies are all Republitards if you disagree and you never stay on topic.


Which is the real reason I enjoy butplugs. They caress me in ways that I haven't had since Daddy # 4 left mommy on BAAAAAAAstille day. I like croissants and sopanking BAAAAd boys.


O BAAAAAAAAAma is great and good, you people are blind follwers like, I don't know, some sort of animal that blindly follows others to their death. Can't think of a good exaqmple. Nothing you will say can make me think different. Yup. O BAAAAAAma is good.


Oh, and Bo, why don't you go cry me a river you squirrelly little inbred hick! I live in Idaho, so if anyone knows a retarded hillbilly, I'd be the guy to see. You wanna cry over how Daddy's arent loved for the love of Pete I LOVE DADDY O BAAAAAAAAAAAAma!!!!


And before you leave some snide remark, VolCUMMM, remember I have trouble with witty comebacks so your insults are BAAAAAAAd news for me.


SIN-DICK-ATE you are a poopiehead of gastronomical proportions. Which reminds me, CarePear007, before you try spamming my blooooog again, why don't you get a rectal examination from Uncle Wallsheep? I like hunting down anyreference to doodie, poopie, and anuses because I like them you use them so much, All you Republitards.



Wallsheep Uploaded 10/19/2009
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