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Obama pt. 2


I put up a blog a couple of days ago asking for people to give examples of things that Obama has done, not what he said he is going to do or what people hope he is going to do but things that he has actually done.

There wasn't one valid response to the question even though a couple of users wrote about reforming the credit card companys and things like that but I beleive that Bush was the one who got that on track and set the date for them to reform their policys, Obama can't take credit for that. And in response to the forclosure help he has given, I don't consider that to be valid either because I haven't heard of or seen anybody helped by it and if it doesn't work than it's not a valid accomplishment.

It saddens me that so many people are willing to blindly follow a leader with no intention of having a clear picture of his past, present, or future.

NorCali Uploaded 10/22/2009
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