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Antran22 ebaumsworld bot?



Ok, so this guy created an account on October 13th, and has no submissions of any kind, yet he has over 225,000 eRep points.


If you look at this fag's recent status, he's always leaving stupid comments like "This was good, where did you find it?"  or "How long did it take you to find this?" or "Did you make this up or find it?"


Clearly, this guy is a bot that is being used to farm eRep points, because its making these asinine comments 24 hours a day.  Does one of the admins mind laying down the banhammer on him? 


Im not asking because Im jealous of his eRep points, or the prizes hes trying to get.  Im only asking because itll give me warm tinglies inside to see someone who waited these 12 days, and worked so hard to bot that many points, only to have them all taken away because good ole' Poopy found out what he was up to :D


much love, yo!  <3




iLIKEtoSAYpoop Uploaded 10/25/2009
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Tags: poop


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