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Oh Wallboy, where art thou?


I started calling wallboy, "wallsheep" because I think he is a extreme follower of Obama. Now what do I consider an extreme follower? It is when somebody has a different opinion of Obama and he would go on attack. He reminds me of somebody who would dismiss a good idea if it went against Obama, that is extreme to me.

Now the reason I wrote this blog.......if wallsheep doesnt come around much then I dont want people blaming me for it because BELIEVE this he doesnt run from an arguement. He is full of shit most of the time and he is a name caller, says the man who calls him but nobody has ran him off. I love wallboy and when you get on your knees tonight ask Obama to love him too. (really bad attempt at Brian Piccalo humor) I would say God but Obama is God to wallboy.


Thanks for reading bohank and one more time for you know who baaaaaaa

bohankeeton Uploaded 10/27/2009
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