Oh How I hate Bitches!

Girls are the most evil creatres on the face of the earth! I am a woman so its okay if I say that. But..... I was listening the the radio and they have a seg called ''the scarlet letter.'' This is when listeners write a letter asking for advice or opinions from the host and co-host of the show. So this idiot of a bitch met this guy online and after only chatting with him for two weeks decides its time to sleep with him. They had protected sex but found out she was prego three weeks later. After she posted a blog about being prego he called her several times to see if the baby was his. She never replied but continued to write post about her progress. So she let six years pass and now she wants him to pay back child support for a child she doesnt even know if its his or not. WHAT A DUMB SLUTTY BITCH! This really pissed me off because she gives all women a bad name.

This guy really tried to make an honest effort in the begining but was ignored. Now that times are hard she wants to come at him with legal shit? Now he has moved on with his life and refuses to take a test to see if the kid is his. Do you think he is wrong because I dont at all.

 I personlly think there should be a Law that states "if a certain amount of time passes withot any proof.... its your own damn fault for being a slut." There shoulod be a six month limit! If you cant find or know who the hell you were sleeping with is your fault and you should be forced to wear a Scarlet letter A everyday! Then maybe it would be easy for people to weed through all the bullshit. Like really what if dating was made easy, it kind of like a carfax for human called "dramafax" that would help you really see who the person is.

Uploaded 10/27/2009
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