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Does anybody else realize that us bloggers are the only original thing on ebaumsworld? This is a humor site most known for stealing media. Hell, ebaumsworld is so hated that they there is a website called Any media found on ebaums can be found on about a day before but there is one thing that gives ebaumsworld some credit, the blog section.

The blog section is the only original thing on ebaumsworld if you think about it. We arent stealing other sites shit but instead, just thinking of original, fucked up shit off the top of our heads to write about in hopes of either sparking a debate or making people laugh. So here is to all of you who make up the blog section, good job.

Ive got no fuckin clue why i sensed a need to blog about this and really feel regret that im going to hit the post buttton.

x22tizzle Uploaded 10/28/2009
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