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Halloween Idea Dead Celeb Club 09


As much fun as laughing at wallboy/discussing politics is, I actually wanted to write in for some suggestions on a halloween idea I had.  As I mentioned in the title my idea was to have as many of us as possible all dress up like one of the celebs who died this past year especially since there were so many of them who were iconic. (Got the idea from that southpark episode)

We know we are going to use billy mays, michael jackson, farrah fawcet, and probably ted kennedy as well. My question is though which of the others would be easy enough to make a costume of that people would know what the heck it is? I'm not even entirely sure if people will get the kennedy costume. If anyone has any suggestions on any of the other celebs from this year that would be helpful.

Also if anyone else has any funny halloween ideas I'd love to hear them.


bjg1009 Uploaded 10/28/2009
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