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Wheel of time....


Author Brandon Sanderson has finished "The Gathering Storm" book #12 in the Wheel of Time series and it is now on shelves. I bring this up because I talked to a couple of people about Robert Jordan, the original writer had left story outlines and notes to Brandon before he died, he left a wonderful story unfinished. Brandon had been a friend and constant visitor with Jordan before he died and we can only hope he can bring this story to its conclusion during the next three books. I am an avid reader and wish I could start the books over with a clean slate and although my memory is shot to hell it isnt that bad yet.

This was for the Jordan fans and if you arent do yourself a favor and become one, although the books are numerous and wordy it is a very easy read.


Thanks for reading Bohank


Damn sounds like I am selling books. lol

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