A scene of complete fucking mayhem

So halloween is tomorrow. Oh joy. My buddy invited me to come up to his college and go to what hopefully is crazy, drunken mess of a college party. He also told me i need a costume. Fuck, That was my one word reaction. So i went and fucked the first girl i saw. I didnt but i was pissed. I thought i was done with costumes when i was 12 and dressed up as Adolf Hitler. But back to the story, i need a fuckin costume.

I head on over to the party city down the block. I hop in my truck and drive down the block. My heart is set on a gorilla suit because i feel that has long term value. I couldĀ  dress in it when i get hammered and throw shit at people. I mean literally, throw feces at people because Hey, im a fuckin gorilla. I get to the parking lot and you would think that party city was giving away the winning lottery numbers and rim jobs. The parking lot is about the size of a quarter of a football field and people are driving like theyre fuckin Dale Earnhardt. Not Dale Jr. the original Dale Sr. who didnt take no shit. The average speed in the parking lot is 95 mph. I somehow eventually get a spot.

I get out the car and people are just sprinting. Not little kids as expected, every motherfucker, young and old. When i get in i can barely move cause of all the people. They are making a complete fuckin mess of the store and the store manager looks like hes been through Vietnam. I dont blame the guy because i might rather go to Vietnam then this fuckin party city again.

I walk out within seconds because i feared for my life. Halloween at party city exposed just what fucking animals people can be. People were arguing and yelling, little kids were running around shitting themselves. Absolute fucking havoc.

Halloween blows.

Uploaded 10/30/2009
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