fuck bitches, get money

you know what, you can preach all day long about long lasting love, how marriage is a fairy tale like some disney cartoon. you know what, fuck that and fuck you. Women are about as loyal and trustworthy as a honda. they act all lovey dovy and shit to your face, soon as a better lookin guy comes along, zoom shes off to fuck another.

fuck bitches

I have no respect for women at all. all they care about is money and dick, and don't care who they get it from. Don't try to understand them, or change them, wont happen. We as men need vajeen, so obviously only thing they're worth is fucking. don't get attached because women have no souls.

prostitution is basically the over simplified image of how a relationship works. you give her money, she blows you, she leaves and blows another guy for 10 bucks.

get money

in america, the only thing that can make you happy is a butt load of cash. crime doesnt pay is bullshit. you make money however you need to, and you'll be good. sell drugs, join the mafia, be a hit man, who gives a fuck. all that glitters is gold holmes.


theee end.


Uploaded 10/31/2009
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