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A while back I bought a COBY MP3 player for about $20. This thing had a $10 mail in rebate that was supposed to come back to me. Well, I sent in my form and required info and so on, and waited. A few weeks later, nothing. A few months later, nothing.

So, I'm starting to get pissed. Yeah, I know it's only $10, but that is not what annoys me. The fact that they lied about sending me money back pisses me off. So I e-mail them saying I sent in my form and everything and I never got my money. Once again, I wait. Those fuckers never returned my e-mails either.

My next encounter tore it though. That piece of shit that they call an MP3 player started to break. So once again, I try to contact them about warranty information. Nothing. Fuck them, don't ever buy COBY products again.

Ihavenolife999 Uploaded 11/02/2009
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