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Okay, so by now you figured out I did the SHADES thing. Why? Because it pisses off Dildozer and Ballstank, plus, cmon, the Swedish Chef in Bret Hart Shades? Priceless.

Just for shits and giggles, I did a few of my blogger friends (or at least those who remain shadeless) to demonstrate the awesome power of SHADES. Link here for the funny.


I hope you enjoy, or blow it out your ass for all I care. I thought it was funny, and hey, it should piss of Onihime too, so damn I'm on a roll!!!



Officially the Unofficial SHADES Sub-Captain for Blogs

BOHANK is my Thumbs Down Czar


P.S. I am gif-deficient, so you shits get no shades from me. Apparently, Boomshakalaka is the man to see...

CBear47 Uploaded 11/13/2009
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