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Things I Hate


     Damnit I hate it when I it when I poop in public and everyone starts to walk in. It happens no matter what. Even if there is no one around. It's my luck that whenever I go poop, everybody has to walk in. The worst part is..... your poop is always more stinky in public than at home.

     Poop smeels great at home, but in public it smells like crap.... who knew? It pisses me off more than The View. At school it gets better. If I even eat one bowl of cereal, I will guarentee diahrrea. And its bad. And the diahrrea will stink up the entire room. It sucks major camel ass.

I hope someone else shares my pain. I dont want to be the only one in the world.

familyguy1020 Uploaded 11/17/2009
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