"Oh How I hate Bitches" Part2

Okay so these low class little girls with no morals have taken it to another level! If I see one more triphling ass girl kissing on another female because she is trying to get attention, another bitch getting angry because she chose to sleep with a married man and he chose his wife (as if she was the one owed something), or another whore using the excuse " I strip because Im trying to pay my way through school?" WTF

Whatever happened to the real women who kept thier legs closed, got an education, focused on thier carrers? Man there is an entire generation of STUPID BITCHES! They walk around here with thier noses stuck in the air like somebody owes them something. Oh and men I blame you because you all play into this shit and end up getting caught up in the webs of these deadly spiders. They sale you this package and then take you for everything YOU worked hard for as if they earned? I say, "Dudes get a clue!" Do you really think a woman gets fake tits, a nose job, lipo, fat injected lips and asses because"they are unhappy with themselves?" Yeah right....... they do it to do the old "Hook, Line, and Sink Em."

If I see one more slut pretending to be drunk so she can have an "excuse" to act like a $2 whore, see another lil girl lying about her age and getting the man put in jail without getting a slap on the hand, Im gonna fucking snap! I see why men are suck dogs. Look at what they have to sort through to actually find a good woman. I am a good woman because my mother showed me how to treat a man and my father taught me how to respect myself first. Where the hell are these parents? This little Miley bitch did a concert with thousands of little girls with literally her entire mini ass hanging out. Her parents let her go on stage like that? Really?! It pissed me off so bad.

I was watching MTV and the show sweet16 ( witch was the fuel to the fire of this blog) and it got me thinking about how parents arent really parents anymore to these little girls. They let them act and speak like adults. So people please stop trying to be your childrens friends and be a damn parent!

Uploaded 11/21/2009
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