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Back on my account...


So I wanted to say thank you to PepperPeanut for his efforts yesterday in getting me access to set up AXP090909 again...


Now the only things left to do are credit the career ereps, post the claimed prize list, and most imporantly, place the 7x amazon gift cards I had pending before my account was deleted, as pending and send me the redemption codes.

It's been almost a year now since the "old timer" ebaumers were the that's why I've been working on and off for this whole time getting what is due.

Once the above are completed I will gladly come back and continue uploading top quality.

If you want any tips or guides on how to do this upload game the right way so you can earn enough points to claim what you want, msg me.




AXP090909 Uploaded 11/25/2009
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