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Hybrid Cars And Their Fake-Ass Window Stickers.


First Of All I Think That Electric Cars Are The Way To Go As Far As Not Using Oil, But These Jackasses With Bumper Stickers That Claim Their Cars Are Good For The Enviroment Are Idiots And Need To Have That Fact Shoved In Their Faces. The Fact Is That The Vast Majority Of Electric Or Hybrid Cars Are In Fact Coal Burning Cars, If We As A Nation Would Build Nuclear Plants Then These Cars Would Be A Viable Replacement For The Oil Burners We Have Now. This Alone Should Tell You That The CO2 Freaks Are Either Idiots Or Trying To Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes. So Next Time You See Onre Of These Pompous Jerks Acting Like They Are Saving The World With Their Coal Burning Piece Of Shit, Call Them On It.  Love Thad.

thaddeuspresley Uploaded 12/03/2009
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