To New York Yankee Fans

You have obtained Curtis Granderson. Enjoy the spectacular plays he will occasionally make. Enjoy that he is a great person, who will do a lot for New York. It's too bad you don't win games for your team by being a good person.

You now have to put up with a now sub-par hitter. You will see that he cannot hit lefties to save his life. Enjoy the high number of strikeouts he will give you. He makes great plays, but he kills rallies. He has great speed, but rarely attempts a steal. Quite a few experts have said his defense is starting to regress also.

Look at what you guys gave up. A kid who could turn out to be a GREAT centerfielder, and one of your more consistent relievers from this past year in Phil Coke.

Maybe I'm bitter, being a Tigers fan in all, that you got one of our better players (despite the listed flaws). But, we'll see in the next year or two who really won on this trade.

Uploaded 12/09/2009
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