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ohhhh man!!! today it finally clicked for me. i'm in central Texas (around Austin to exact) and it was like in the mid 30s today! in DECEMBER!!! just proved that fucking global warming shit COMPLETELY WRONG!!! BOOM! IN YO FACE ELEITIST LIBERAL SOCIALIST SCUM DEMOCRATS!!! a cold day in DECEMBER will always trump a decades worth of data gathered by people who have dedicated their lives to researching the earths weather patterns and humans effect on it.

fuck all those "scientist" and their "data". it's all a global conspiracy, involving thousands of people, to cause us all to buy electric cars and solar powered vibrators. trust me, i read it on the internet so it has to be TRUTH.

satilite pictures of the north and south poles by NASA showing less and less ice coverage over a decade and water tempatures gradually increasing over time? all doctored. all LIES. ALL BULLSHIT.

the dude that comes on tv and tells me the forecast for the next 5 days knows whats up. if there was any evidence of global warming he would have told me by now. he hasen't said JACK SQUAT!!


if reason and evidence cannot convince and prevail, then we have no hope for our species. where did we go wrong with this topic? we turned it political instead of keeping it in the realm of self-preservation. it is and always will be in the human races best interest to take care of the fucking planet YOU SIMPLE MINDED FUCKS. until, that is, we learn how to terra form Mars or Venus, or Uranus if we have to. then we can shit all over this planet just like the fucking PIGS we are.

AWFULJACKASS Uploaded 12/11/2009
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