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Today I saw an Attack!!


Today I was in my neighbroohood, going down to the activity field..and I saw a man following an old asian woman and her littleasian grand daughter I think it was.He followed them for 4 houses before making hismove, I only saw all of this because theywere all infront of me walking down kinda in front of me at the time I was walking down it.Anyways, the man kept getting closer andcloser to them until finally he hit thewoman with a crowbar and grabbed the girl.I was like wtf and ran up to him as fast as I couldand then i saw a cab and when it came nearthe license plate said fresh and it had dicein the mirror.If anything I can say thatthis cab was rare, but I thought "nah,forget it, yo holmes to Bel-Air!"I pulled up to the house around 7 or 8and I yelled to the cabbie "yoholmes, smell ya later!" I lookedat my kingdom, I was finally there, tosettle my throne as the prince ofBel-Air.

guinness13494 Uploaded 12/21/2009
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