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Fuck Michel Jackson. Why U ASK?


Look heres the thing Michel Jackson was started to be noticed on his recent death right. out of ever celb. that died that week michel was told the most. there are hundreds, thousands of people dieing in the world and michel jackson gets noticed the most.fuck him look first of all the politics hated michel jacson,saying that he's a molester,fag,trying too kill his infant child, and his nose right. Now because MIchel Jackson Died he is getting more attention. WTF. that is bull. before i heard about michel jacksonwas him on trial for molesting a child. later on when years past by I and everybody else forgot about him. And now michel Jackson Is Getting Fame And Glory Becouse of his Death.So now everybody would agree to me that Michel Jackson should be fucked off. So Fuck Him. Fuck The Media, And fuck Michel Jacson Once More.

cris666hot Uploaded 12/22/2009
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