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Just found ebaum and I'm loving it already. Wanted to say Hello World and thanks.

The blog system you put in place will help me keep my uploads organized and help me put a theme in place. I did have one comment about the URL entry widget, it resizes my browser to a really small window, that sucks. Maybe it can be fixed?

Last point, I see that adult content is OK, yet you had some videos "censored", i.e. diddly parts hidden. Is that in the video or is that an Ebaum policy?

Anyways, gonna have fun here, and I'm sure I'll upload lots of crazy videos that I find elsewhere. Like on Yahoo, Break, and so forth.

Oh, I did have one more issue -- my avatar is an animated gif but it shows as static. Hmm... Weird.



Joe119 Uploaded 12/29/2009
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awesome collection of funny epic videos pictures galleries and gifs