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Does anyone else live in the real world?


Now, so far today, I've seen a good amount of comments glorifying James Earl Ray, calling MLK, Jr. a crook and a bad person, and a gross overuse of the word nigger, as I'm sure that the majority of you on this site are white. Now, as a fellow member of this site, and also as a white male myself, I'd like to ask the other members of this site: Where the fuck do you get your rocks off? How many of you are serious about your views on the outside world? Would you really like to live in segregated communities, as your comments suggest? I just want some feedback, where people stand on their views, and some general knowledge of how many of you are recluses, restricted to the confines of your grandmother's basement, and how many of you live in the real world, and interact with people of all walks of life on a daily basis. Share! 

KeavensGate Uploaded 01/18/2010
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