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Freedom of Unicorn Island


I knew I could trust Webb now. She had risked everything for me and our love. She had found a way for us to be together, but what of the "others". They could not all be kings and queens. Without the "others" love, the unicorns could not exist. However,Icould not stand by and let the imprisonment continue. There seemed to beno answer. Iwantedto solve this riddle before our transformation. We didn't have much time.

Webb and I arranged for a meeting with my friends from the dungeon. We entered the cell and loweredour hoods. Sparks exclaimed, "Cesar! They found you. What is she doing here?" Icalmed them and told themthe story. Miles said, "That sounds great for you,but whatabout us?" Iassured him, "That's why we're here. We want this to change. I will not become Kingunless there is a resolution." Webb looked at me sharply and said, "Cesar, we may not have time." I said, "Then we'll die." Webb was resistant to this statement. I added, "I know you love me and I you, butwe can not sacrifice what's right for that love." Lindsay, the girl in the straight jacket, spoke softly, "Real love from a distance is better than false love with contact. Our love, for the native we fell in love with, vanished as soonas we were brought to the dungeonsand discovered the truth. Therefore, it is not love that keeps the unicorns from transforming. It is only our presence. Free the prisoners from the dungeons. Allow us to live normal lives on the island. Let us find love within our own group."Webb snapped, "How can we be certain some won't flee the island?" I said, "You can't Webb, but there has to be trust between the natives, the "others", and the unicorns. There may be instances of betrayal, but it is better thanthe dungeons." Webb snapped, "The transformation back to a native is beyond your conception. You can not imagine how painful it was for me. I can'tallowthatoptionto beso unguarded." I said, "I don't see another way.Lindsayhas given us a reasonablealternative." Webb wasnot convinced. She turned and said, "We have to go. The guards will get suspicious." I assured the others we would return.

We returned toWebb's chamber. She dropped her robe to the floor and exposed hernaked body. She lay on her bed and cried. Ilaid beside her and tried to console her. I wiped the tearsas they rolled down her bronze cheek. She looked at meand begged,"Cesar, tell me you love me. I can't go on like this."I tried to comfort her.I caressed her shoulders and kissed her neck. I whispered, "Soon my sweet,soon. We have to plan." Shelaughed, "The elder warned me about this.He told me the plan would threaten our love." I looked into her eyes and I kissed her; slowly at first.Our bodies could not stop.I made love to her. I could notsay the words, but Iwanted to show her. For the nextcouple of hours, we were one entity. We experienced a closenessneither ever had. We collapsed in each other's arms andslept.

I awoke to find an empty bed. Webb was standing in front of the window. The sunlighthighlighted her nakedbody. I said, "Come back to bed. Iwant to hold you." She turned towards me. She had been crying again. She said,"The harvest is coming. They'll be coming for us by the end of the week. If we don't transformsoon, they will kill us. Please Cesar! Let's transform andfinalize the planafter we become King and Queen." Isaid, "Webb, what if wedon't come to an agreement? I could not live with myself. Then it will be too late." She walked over tome and threw her arms around my neck.She kissed my neck and looked into my eyes. She said, "Cesar, Ilove you. Ican't imagine life without you, but I have to be honest. The unicorn king and queen do not have absolute rule. The elder unicorns can deny our plans, even if you and I are in agreement. There is no guarantee." Ilooked at her solemnly and said, "Well that changes things. Thanks for being so honest. You didn't have to tell me that. You areso wonderful." She hung her head and cried, "I don't feelwonderful. What are we going to do Cesar? Ihave no faith that the unicorns will free the prisoners. They have no compassion for the "others"." I already knew that. I spent three years in that dungeon. The unicorns didn't treat the natives that well; let alone the "others". I felt like there was nofuture on Unicorn Island for Webb and me. At least,there was not one where I could live with myself. We lay back in bed and held each other. She felt so good in my arms. I drifted off.

Suddenly, I sprungup from my nap. Ishook Webb, "Wake up!" She wiped her eyes, "What is it,Cesar?" I said, "Why can't we justleave the island. Can you give upbeing a unicorn so we can be together?" She stared into my eyes and said, "Iwill for you, but I can not survive off the island without my golden horn. It iskept in the elder's sanctuary. Without it, I will die." Iconfidently said, "Let'sgo get yourhorn, baby." She smiled, kissed me, andsaid, "Iknow a back way in; through the vent shafts in the mountain.I will show you."

We waited untilthat evening. We wore our robes and hoods tohide our identities. Webb took me to a small entrancein the side of the mountain. She said, "This shaft winds around straight up to the elder's sanctuary. It is a tight fit. We will have to crawl." I nodded and removed the grate. Webb crawled in and I followed. I replaced thegrate behind us. We began ourjourney. It took us over an hour. My knees and back ached. Webb finally whispered, "I see a fire burning. We're almostthere." Ifelta sense of relief. We crawled right up to another grate overlooking the sanctuary. Webb wasstudying the room and I was trying tolook overtopher back. I heard anodd growl, saw a shortburst of rainbow light, and smelled cotton candy. Webb giggled, "Oops! Sorry baby. I 'm nervous." I laughed and smacked her butt, "I'm gladyou stillhaveunicorn farts." We both laughed again. Webb concluded, "I think the elders must be at a pre-harvest ceremony. Ithink we are safe. Oncewe get it, we have to hurry. It won't be long before they know it's gone." I nodded and said, "I'll go. IfI get pinched, leave without me; go back toyou chamber room. Tell themyou didn't knowwhere I went. Promise me, Webb."With a worried look, she said, "I promise Cesar." Iclimbed into the sanctuary and dartedover to the wooden box containing the horns. I busted the lock with alarge stone. The box opened and I gazed at the beautiful horns. The queen's wasornate and golden. The king'shad the appearance of jade but was a dark blue. I wantedto grab both. I knew we only needed hers. Igrabbed itand darted back to Webb. Iclimbed up and we were on our way out. The trip back down the mountain was easier and quicker.When we got out of the shaft, I told Webb we had two things to dobefore leaving. She agreed to both. Werushed back toher chambers.

We took afew items we needed for our boat ride off the island. I took several lamps and poured the lamp oil all over the bed and curtains and walls. I set asmall fire on the other side of the room and a thintrail of lamp oilto the bed. The lamp oil burned slow. I looked at Webb and said, "That should buy us a little time.Hopefully, they will think we burnt ourselves up.By the time they realize we didn't, we'll be long gone. Now,let's getto the dungeons." Itook Webb's hand and we fled.

We arrived at the dungeons just as the alarms were sounding. Webb said, "They know we took thehorn. We must hurry. They will kill us." I triedto appear strong, but Iwas scared too. I freed Miles andSparks.I cutLindsay out of her straight jacket and hugged her. Itold them, "Webb and I have to go. They are hunting us. We are leaving the island. I suggest you guys do the same.The unicorns will never give us our freedom. We'll release as many prisoners as wecanon the way, since the guards are all answering the alarm. However,we must get off the island." They all agreed. We ran down the dungeon aisles releasing the doors andthrowing out shackle keys. Thenewly freed prisoners were helpingfree still more prisoners. It was working. Iyelled at the others, "OK, we have to leave! The guards are coming back." We sprinted down to the docks. Webb and I got into a small boat. Iyelled to Sparks, "We'll take our own boat.If theycatch us, they will kill us. Maybe you can still getaway." He raised his hand in agreement and said, "Good luck!" I noddedthe same to him. Istarted the small motor andwe set off. As we got away from shore,I could see thechamber room burning. I pulled Webb in close to me and we kissed.I pulledthe robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor ofthe boat. I pushed her downand kissedher deeply. We made love in the boat. I could see the chamber fire in her eyes as we sensually writhed in harmony. Iwhispered, "I love youWebb." She smiled and playfully bit my bottom lip.

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