God is an Iron

The title for this blog is actually a line from one of my favorite science fiction stories (that involves hugely ironic situations for the protagonist) but that doesn't really mean any thing

Why this blog? I got to thinking about ironic or (in some cases) ridiculous situations or occurences.

It all started today as I was driving back from the doctors and I saw a funeral procession getting ready to leave a funeral home. Nothing unusual in that but as I was driving by I noticed a chimney with a stream of smoke coming out of it (obviously a fireplace) and then I noticed the sign on the funeral home and it read:

Little______ Funeral Chapel and Crematorium.

I almost fuckin crashed my car laughing my ass off. What could be more innappropriate than a funeral taking place at a crematoriium with a fireplace roaring in the background (poor Grandpa)?

I hope no-one in the funeral party has the same sick sense of humor that I have.

I think there are signs of irony and ridiculousness all around us(as evidenced by this site and the internet in general).

I invite you to share some of yours.

God is an Iron


Uploaded 02/03/2010
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