For everyone who plays GTA IV

I recently got a copy of GTA IV after a long impatient waiting. I'm hooked on the game- there's so much to do, the fun is endless. But what i love the most about this game are the radio talk shows. There are now 3 talk radios, and the material is a lot funnier and goes deeper into American life and culture. But i liked the TV shows and the websites a lot better.

The new material in GTA IV just shows u how much bullshit happens in everyday American life - Republicans being intolerant as shit and blaming liberals 4 everything they see as wrong, the shows that bore u with how rich rich ppl are, and how one-sided and overzealous every lefty and right-sided prick in America is about their own opinion.

Everything u hear in GTA IV is just an exaggeration, but has a political message behind it, if u think about it carefully.

That's y i like shows like The Simpsons, Arrested Development and Family Guy b/c they show u what real American life is like.



Uploaded 07/29/2008
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