I hate moralfags


  I was in a debate today about the legalization of marijuana. I don't really care a whole lot either way but my side (for legalization of marijuana) owned their ass and they still acted all smart and morally superior and a few even quoted Bible verses. I wanted to jump over the fucking table and beat the motherloving hell out of those yuppie moralfags.

  I'm just so tired of fascist bullshit. Call me a libertarian or whatever but can't people, governments, and corporations just stay the goddamn hell out of my business? Why do they feel the need to enslave everything and everyone and have constant control over others.

  God knows the assholes fuck it up and are just as stupid as anyone else. If you don't want an abortion, don't get one. If you don't like wars, don't become a soldier. If you don't want to smoke pot, don't do it. STFU and GTFO you fascist moralfag retards. Seriously.

  On another note this is my first real blog. The other two were just trolling.

Uploaded 02/27/2010
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