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Deer dairy:

10 more fackin days. 240 ours. 20000 minets. a shit load of seckends left. this ban has forsed me too go outsaid and get sun. fuck the sun! sckin canser giving shit! i bean going too skool now and is kinda kool cus i saw the teachers cleevage the other day. now i can imagin how her entire brests look like. mmmmmm

also outside of college theirs a lot of jailbate teen girls walking around after hi skool and middle skool lets them out with sandels and flip flops. mmmmmmm u can just imagin snifing those toes and rubing it on ur face.

when i come home from skool i imagin wat life wuld be like if i culd steel coment on ebw. it makes me sad and i crie sometimes. my mom comferts me bye making my favrite dinners like mac n cheese with a big glass of chilean womens pee.

weight four me guys, im almost home. march 15 mang. hi ucm.




Gerald69 Uploaded 03/05/2010
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