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Reccomend me a comedian


I want to be recommended a new comedian based on my taste in comedy. so here are some comedians I like:


Geroge Carlin

Bill Hicks

Lewis Black

Eddie Izzard

Jim Gaffigan

Brian Regan

Christopher Titus

Steven Wright

Nick Swardson


And don't recomend:


dane cook

carlos mencia

woody allen

dave chapelle

jerry seinfeld

Lenny Bruce

Mitch Hedberg

The last two because I can't understand lenny bruce when he talks and mitch hedberg just doesn't do it for me.


I am already aware of, and don't dislike but would like to not be recomended again:

jeff dunham

lisa lempanelli

george lopez

gabriel iglaisieas

john oliver

richard prior

yakov smearnov

robin williams

chris rock

margeret cho


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