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I've Just Had Sex With My Boyfriend! WOW!


His name is Ryan and WOW does he know how to work it! This is how it happened: He got me on his bed in my undies. He striped off and opened my legs up, licking them as he went. Then he pashed with me and undid my bra, he sucked my tits and nibbled a bit. He took me into the living room where he layed down on the chair. I then sucked his 7 " long dick. Oh, it tasted so good! After a while, he insirted his dick into my wet pussy. We did it doggy style with me against the chair and him doing all the work. When he cummed it was so good! It was like an explosion of pleasure! Then he fingered me whilst lickin it good, he stuck his tounge up there. It was SO good!

exy_ChloeC Uploaded 03/21/2010
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