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Chat Roulette


  So there's this site, if you haven't heard, called Chat Roulette.  The basic idea behind it is that you are randomly connected to someone and can chat with them.  Think of IM with cam and voice.  You have no idea who or what you'll see.  And it has people from all over the world using it.  Yesterday, I talked with a guy from Holland, and today with a guy from S. Korea.  

  I will warn you about one of the risks of using that website.  It's cock.  Yep, you read that right.  You run the risk of seeing cock.  Sadly I saw more dick when I used Chat Roulette than most chick porn stars do all week long.  Of course the two hot chicks I saw disconnected.  Even the one fat chick.  

  It's interesting thing to try.  I recommend not to have kids around when you do.  And for all that is holy, watch out for the cock.

joe_chemo2005 Uploaded 03/25/2010
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