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Volcomelement34 banned?


     For some reason whenever I try to sign into my account volcomelment34 it says the password I entered was incorrect. I suppose that this might mean I am banned but that is really no matter at al because if I am banned than I will make it my duty to spam the shit out of this blog section every day, and if some idiot tries to ip bann me than I will simply change my ip address and spam some more. I had better be back on my account by tommorow or atleast have a reason of why I was banned or else I will turn this blog section into my bitch which it already is.


   If this bann has anything to do with the spreading of my W32.silly.fdc virus on this website I already stopped spreading last week so please come up with a more clever excuse.

Vaginal_Beetles Uploaded 03/26/2010
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