My Day in Court

This is not really a story, just an observation i made while sitting in the "audience" watching other people see the judge before me.

I had the pleasure of listening to about 25 peoples cases. Out of the 25, at least 20 of them had to be for marijuana. Ive never been to court before so im curious if this is very common in the courthouse that about 80% of the cases heard are for weed. Out of the 20 people, one guy had fuckin blue hair and was about 50. He should count at 5 people so 24 out of 25 were there for weed. Oh and one person who wasnt there for weed was chinese and we all know chinese people arent real so basically 24 out of 24 cases that went before me, were all for god's favorite plant.

I was there for drinking in public on St. Patricks Day. My public defender and the judge both laughed at me. I guess i shouldve just got high with the rest of the criminal world. 

Uploaded 04/13/2010
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