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I've been told not to come back due to Tyaeda WTF!!!


I'm guessing Tyaeda is the new bad bitch on the block.  He/she must be a bad bitch if she rips apart Rednote....damn got soft since I've been gone.  It's true...I went into the Ebaum retirement home for a while....too much anger on the net can lead the anger into the real world's true.


But back to Tyaeda.  You seem smart....but so is the thesauraus on my computer...and if I spelled thesauraus wrong....I don't need to hear about shit in advance.  I don't know what your motives are yet...or why folks seem to think you have the God hammer...but I will soon find out as I see you have a big fucking mouth that you can't keep shut.

Yours fucking truely.......


Eshel...your man whore for the evening.

Eshel Uploaded 04/17/2010
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