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not a conspiracy it's the truth


I have discovered with my very reliable sources that in the harsh winters of december of 2012 the end of the world will come. The reason this is very predictable is because a certain person is bringing the end.

It is a well known fact that obama is a muslim, and he wants an end to a world that "has grown too evil to control". You may have heard recently that he wants the world to lower its nuclear weapons. After he accomplishes this he will release the "four hoursemen of the apocalypse" (four nuclear bombers). The actual bomb points are very strategic parts of the four corners of the earth, like it even says in the bible. Once they fall the world will fall and only then his blood thirsty muslim rendition of God will be pleased.

I am Frogbob, and it was nice knowing you.

Frogbob Uploaded 04/18/2010
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