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Memories of a Dusty Road


Do you remember?

That time where we drove, barrelling

down the country road. The dust

so thick we could taste it. We sat in the sun,

in that Mercedes

(Was it '67? 76?)

Top down, wind ruffling our hair


Do you remember?

The song you played through

the tinny cassetter player?

We felt so high, we felt

we were giants, we were eagles.

And now we are different, and like

Bob Dylan said, the times have changed.


But now my greatest wish is for you to wake up, to

rise from the hospital cot, but

the Doctors say you won't. They

say that it can't happen.

And so my greatest wish, then

is that you are forever dreaming of

that sun-lit road, of the wind in your hair

and the silence you felt

when I told you I loved you.

sparks158 Uploaded 04/24/2010
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