Porn Vs. A Relationship

The arguement for having a woman:

1. Sandwiches during the early part of the relationship and warm meals sometimes.

2. Nothing is like the touch and feel of a woman. 

3. Envy from other guys if she's hot.

4. Babies.

5. If she has a job, the both of you can share more stuff.

6. The house is usually decorated better than a bachelor pad.

7. Incentive to actually get some shit done and be somebody important.

8. You can help each other with difficult things when you get older.

9. They occasionally encourage you to do something you would enjoy but would normally pass up like a vacation or a trip to the lake with the boat.

10. More drama and things going on if that's what you like.


The arguement for porn.

1. Nobody nagging and trying to turn you into something you're not.

2. No babies.

3. No STDs.

4. It's cheaper. No nick nacks, Valentine's Day presents, and other crap to pay for. Smaller place to live. No huge wedding bill to pay up on only to be divorced 2 years later just so she can feel like a princess for a day.

5. You can come and go as you please.

6. Porn doesn't age unless you're into that sort of thing.

7. Porn doesn't have family members you could do without.

8. Hotter babes with porn.

9. You can rub one out without having to make a whole day of foreplay and then cuddling afterwards.

10. No feeling heart broken and betrayed when she leaves you for your best friend.

11. No pressure when you're around women you might have a chance with which will make you appear to have more confidence.

12. More time to pursue other hobbies without a bunch of bitching because you should be spending that time and money on your girl.

13. No hygene products all over the place or clogging up your septic system.

14. You can watch the game or take a nap during the daytime without a woman giving you shit about it or giving you the evil eye.

15. You don't have to do chores to take care of things you couldn't care less about just because she likes things a certain way.

16. Freedom in general.

17. Porn doesn't want to go do stuff as soon as you get home from work just because it's been sitting around all day doing nothing. You can come home and chill.

18. Less drama if that's what you like.

19. Peace and quiet.

20. No splitting half of your shit with a woman who watched daytime television for years while you worked your ass off for what you have.

21. Porn doesn't use sex as a way to manipulate you.

22. Porn isn't stupid sometimes.

23. Porn doesn't act like it's smarter or better than you.

24. Porn doesn't get jealous of your mother.

25. Porn doesn't need you to pretend to no longer be interested in any other women just to feel secure.

26. No PMS and menopause.

27. Porn doesn't expect you to work miracles when it comes to finances.

28. Porn doesn't cry about it when you're fed up with it for a while and you don't have to be mean to it to get it to go away.


After being split up for about a year and a half, I tend to lean towards the porn arguement. Maybe I'm just too odd to have a good relationship. I've had a few bad ones so I'm a bit biased. What do you think?

Uploaded 05/09/2010
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