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why the big fuss over Arizonas new law?


I'm sure this is going to push some buttons on here.

Plenty of people are upset at Arizona for its new law. How come no one is taking a look at Mexico and other Latin American countries for making a law necessary?

Illegal Aliens are people fleeing their awful economic conditions, lack of opportunity, repressive regulations and most importantly, all of the government corruption. Illegals send billions of US dollars home to help improve their families lives.  Does the Mexican government care about their plight? No. Corrupt politicians south of the border are happy to export their most desperate citizens and receive all US cash in their local economies. The Mexican government has no incentive to change this.

Instead of railing against the state of Arizona for trying to protect its own boarders, enraged protesters should be venting their fury at Mexico for exploiting their desperate citizens, doing nothing to improve their economies and causing the whole illegal immigration problem in the first place. 


bigwhitey Uploaded 05/10/2010
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