Padlock Jack Off

So I was 14, I just started getting into jacking off, and I was looking for new methods of arousal. I found that tying a band around my balls heightened arousal. It worked great. Anyways, I was at home, drunk, late one night and I saw my school combo lock on my dresser... Well, I'm not sure what made me think it was a good idea to close the clasp, but I did. I finished with a great O and calmly proceeded to remove said lock. It was then that I realized that even in the best of times, those locks are hard to open. I tried the combo multiple times with rising panic. Little did I know that the outward pressure from my increasingly swollen junk was causing it to reset the combo each time. So I had a great idea: go out to the garage, get the hacksaw and cut the lock. My balls are a dark

purple at this point and quite swollen, so

this task became a delicate process. I proceeded to slowly work at the hasp,

only to slip and nick my balls a couple times. 

At this point there's no logical thinking. I realize I have to endure whatever humiliation I must by waking my parents and going to the hospital, but I decide to try the combo a few more times. I pressed the clasp even tighter on my swollen boys and tried the combo again. With a *snap* and a soothing release of pressure, the lock opened. Needless to say, I didn't try that again.

Uploaded 05/22/2010
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