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Now I've Got Something To Write About


I've got something to write, goddamnit!

I swear to The Gods, I need to stare at this fucking computer screen, with a connection faster than fuck, twenty-four hours a day to know what the hell goes on in this world as of present! This thought is derived from being somewhat oblivious to the 'air' around here.

I mean, I'm getting that some kinda dispute happened between CJ and ellimem. One deleted the other from this site, (which I didn't even know was possible). Don't even know who the hell CJ is. Something else about a freedom of speech some other crazy shit about Ebaum's restrictions. Blogs. Injustice... 

Could someone PLEASE give me the full story or direct me to certain media, need leads!

And don't delete me, anyone; I'm very proud of my submitted content, Thanx!


jenson_q Uploaded 07/29/2008
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