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Pope and a Bag


A friend of my wife shared this story with her.

My manager, (previous job working for the government of Canada), was asked to greet the Pope up in Northern Canada as an Aboriginal representative. It was complete bullshit because this guy might have had 10% native blood in him.

The manager bought a parka with lots of native designs on it, (probably made in China), and full head dress for the occasion. When the Pope, a frail man, unboarded the plane the manager could see he was cold. The manager offered the parka to the Pope who was grateful.

The manager was aghast, when it was obvious that the Pope considered the gesture a gift. The manager was dumb founded and accepted the situation gracefully, as you might expect.

Imagine, the Popes surprise when he found a half bag in the pockets of the parka. What if customs would have checked his belongings?

Letemdangle Uploaded 05/23/2010
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